Wednesday 13 July

09:00 Registration and Coffee
09:15 Welcome and Introduction

Keynote: Frictional Elastic Contacts– their taxonomy and properties - with application to Fretting
Professor David Hills, University of Oxford, UK
Chair: Carol Featherstone

Parallel Session A: Contact and Friction in Vibration Assessments in Gas Turbines  (Part I)
Chair: Adrian Jones

  Parallel Session B: Special session - Towards a Physical Understanding of Interface Friction in Wheel-Rail System (Part 1)
Chair: Sadegh Nadimi


Damped nonlinear modal analysis of complex aero-engine assembles with friction interfaces
Jie Yuan, University of Strathclyde, UK
  Developing an Approach for Predicting Friction Management Product Influence on the Wheel/Rail Contact
Roger Lewis, University of Sheffield, UK


High Performance Experimentation - Design of a spinning rig for study of combined LCF and HCF characteristics
Ibrahim Sever, Rolls-Royce

Non-linear Friction Damping Analysis for Turbomachinery Blades and Vanes
Davendu Kulkarni, Rolls-Royce PLC, UK
  First steps in an investigation of physical effects during wheel-rail sanding
Klaus Six, Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, Austria

11:00 Coffee Break

Parallel Session A: Contact and Friction in Vibration Assessments in Gas Turbines  (Part II)
Chair: Adrian Jones

Parallel Session B: Special session - Towards a Physical Understanding of Interface Friction  in Wheel-Rail System (Part 2)
Chair: Sadegh Nadimi


Low interference clamping of aero-engine blades for dynamic testing
Tamer Aykut, Imperial College London, UK
  Discrete Element Modelling of Particle Entrainment in Wheel-Rail Interface Using an Open-Source Software
Sadaf Marami, Newcastle University, UK


Analysis of periodic nonlinear vibrations of structures considering heat generation by rubbing at friction contact interfaces 
Evgeny Petrov, Sussex University, UK
  Using the Extended Creep Force Model to Predict Full‑Scale Sanded Creep Curves
William Skipper, University of Sheffield, UK


Investigation of fretting wear of misaligned spline couplings
Yuen-ling Kong, University of Nottingham, UK
  The Effect of Roughness on Friction in the Wheel/Rail Interface
Harry Shackleton, University of Sheffield, UK


Discussion   A Micro Finite Element Modelling Of Particle Breakage In Wheel-Rail Interface
Bin Zhang, Newcastle University, UK


Semi-Plenary: Higher Order Invariant Manifolds Parametrisation of Geometrically Nonlinear Structures Modelled with Large Finite Element Models  
Alessandra Vizzaccaro, University of Bristol, UK
Chair: Alice Cicirello
13:20 Lunch

Parallel Session A: Modelling of contact problems 
Chair: David Barton
  Parallel Session B: Numerical analysis methods for vibration and acoustic problems
Chair: Anish Roy

Parametric Analysis of Tooth Contact Stress for a non-standard Spur Gear Pair
Denise Morrey, Oxford Brookes University, UK
  On the effect of the different sources of energy dissipation involved in shape memory alloys on their damping capacity
Guillaume Helbert, ENIB-IRDL, France

Decoupling slip and stress in contacts for the prediction of fretting fatigue life
Luke Blades, University of Oxford, UK

  A finite element analysis of a vibrating beam resting on a Winkler elastic foundation 
Hani Alahmadi, Jouf University, Saudi Arabia

Discussion   A Novel Finite Element Formulation for the Analysis of FG Timoshenko Curved Tapered Beam
Hugo Santos, ISEL

15:20 Coffee break   

  Parallel Session A: Linear and non-linear dynamic experimental investigations
Chair: Hugh Goyder

  Parallel Session B: Model validation and inverse methods
Chair: David Barton


Experimental Modal Analysis for a Nonlinear Structure
Hugh Goyder, Cranfield University, UK

  Modal identification and validation of unknown aircraft structure – simple fixed wing mockup plane case - for flutter prediction
Ahmad Ainun Najib, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia

Analytical and Experimental Modal Analysis of a Flexible Robot
Viet-Hung Vu, Ecole de technologie superieure, Canada
  Finite Element Analyses of Soil Effects on Substructure and Soil Performances of 15 MW Offshore Wind Turbine: Comparative Study
Victor Okenyi, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Long timescale dynamic testing of a jointed interface
Di Maio, University of Bristol, UK
  Approximating Loads in Kick Scooters with Measured Strain
Sebastian Pearson, University of Oxford, UK

Evaluation of a massively parallel laser RADAR for structural experimental testing of a lightweight FRP footbridge
Christian Gallegos-Calderón, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain
  The mechanobiological link between micro-cracks and lacunae: a multi-scale fracture mechanics approach
Federica Buccino, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

17:00 End  
19:00 Conference Dinner at Exeter College

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