Characterisation and Prediction of Mechanical Changes at Interface Contacts

  • Alessandro Cabboi, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
  • Sadegh Nadimi Newcastle University, UK
  • Ali Ghanbarzadeh, University of Leeds, UK
  • David Barton, University of Leeds, UK

The characterisation and the prediction of physical mechanisms occurring at interfaces in contact is one of the major concerns in modern engineering, bridging fields from geotechnical to mechanical engineering. The challenges can be quite diversified such as characterizing interfacial properties (e.g. bond integrity, interfacial strength, asperity deformation and surface traction distribution), prediction of energy dissipation and wear occurring at structural interfaces or the reduction or maximisation of the frictional resistance of two solids in contact. The purpose of this mini-symposium is to put together a multidisciplinary discussion forum, aiming at discussing new modelling and experimental strategies to predict and characterise, respectively, the mechanical behaviour of structural interfaces. The modelling techniques include but are not limited to molecular dynamics, discrete element, boundary element, finite element, material point method and coupled approaches. The characterisation methods consist of X-ray imaging, white light interferometry, in situ scanning electron microscopy, and optical microscopy just to name a few.


Keywords: Interfaces, Friction, Material Characterisation, Numerical Modelling







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31 July 2022

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Early September 2022


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