Towards a Physical Understanding of Interface Friction in Wheel-Rail System


  • Sadegh Nadimi and Roberto Palacin, School of Engineering, Newcastle University, UK 
  • William Skipper and Roger Lewis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Sheffield, UK 
  • Anup Chalisey and Paul Gray, Rail Safety and Standards Board, The Helicon, One South Place, London, UK 
  • Bettina Suhr and Klaus Six,Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, Graz, Austria 

The prediction of friction in an open interface such as wheel-rail contact is complex. This is a multi-scale, multi-phase problem, which has a highly transitory condition. It is exposed to open operating environments and is affected by contaminants including leaves, sands, debris and water. Understanding the physical and chemical interactions at the interface is challenging, but it is essential and the only route to tackle the problem. Improvements are required to develop friction models for this extreme interface. The purpose of this mini-symposium is to put together a multidisciplinary discussion forum, aiming at exploring new modelling and experimental strategies to predict friction at wheel-rail contact. We are looking for studies, challenges and best-practice related to data gathering, real time in-situ monitoring techniques, methods for measuring third-body layer properties, numerical modelling of the system, and parameterised and validated friction models. 

KEYWORDS Wheel-Rail Contact, Low Adhesion, Friction Model, Numerical Modelling, Experiments and Monitoring.

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31 July 2022

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Early September 2022


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